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Carvaka sex toys- a video about low libido…

Carvaka sex toys- a video about low libido…
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Today’s post, little pearls, is all about a video that was sent to me by the guys over at Carvaka, a UK based sex toy company.

Not many sex toy manufacturers tackle the issue of low libido- many just concentrate on what turns us on, rather than also thinking about what turns us off.

They’ve created this educational video which covers the whole area of low libido and natural ways of improving it. This is their intro below.

Low sex drive- a video on how to heighten it (without medication)

Having a low sex drive or libido is actually common to many women (and men) the world over. The problem is that while it is something that can worked on, many women choose to keep the issue or concern under wraps because they are embarrassed to seek help or mistakenly believe that it’s something that can’t be improved. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While there are a number of medical avenues that a woman can venture down to tackle a low libido, there are also a number of (natural) ways that do not include medication that women can try out. The bonus part is that some of them can be lots of fun to try out too! The key thing to remember is that one should not ignore a low sex drive because help is available and leaving it fester will only exacerbate the issue. This can have a knock on impact on your own confidence and self esteem plus if you’re in a relationship, it can impact on your partner also; they might wrongly believe that it’s a lack of desire is the root cause! This of course can cause relationship problems so communication is important also.

If all else fails, there’s always a friendly and helpful doctor who can discuss your concerns and who can recommend suitable alternatives.

Let me know what you think little pearls- have they covered everything? I like the positive message that our sex drives are a work in progress rather than set in stone. And there’s always hope to help it bloom 🙂


Mother Pearl


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