What word would you use to describe your sex drive?

So after my post yesterday, I felt really shocked when I realised my reasons for having sex.

All around us, we’re told that sex is about pleasure.

And here’s little old me- only doing it because its whats expected of me.

When was the last time you had sex because YOU wanted to have sex?

If I’m only having sex for society or someone else, it’s no surprise I’m not exactly raring to go in the sack!

I’m sure there must be loads of women that identify with what I’m saying. How many times recently have you had sex because YOU wanted to? Or was it because someone else wanted to, you felt like you should, or because you did it for your relationship?

Don’t get me wrong, having sex because you want to be close to someone else isn’t necessarily a bad reason. But for sure, if we aren’t in control of, or certain of, WHY we want sex, we’re missing a trick!

Let’s summarise in just one word

Sometimes, boiling issues down to the most simple thing that pops into your mind is the easiest way.

So, have a go yourself- brainstorm the reasons why you have sex. And then think of the one word that sums it up for you. It says a lot about the way you view sex.

One word hit me in the face that describes my sex drive.


What a shit word. Not “voracious”, or “dynamic”, or “unstoppable”. Just functional. Bloody hell. My sex drive is the old banger reliant robin of the libido world!

What word would you use to describe your sex drive?
Warning: hot man not pictured in my sex drive

So I think it’s high time I link sex to pleasure in my head, and that pleasure needs to become the reason WHY I have sex. It’s about having what I want in bed tonight, not his choice.

And if my motivation to have sex becomes more about me and having a good time, I’m pretty sure I’ll be much more likely to be up for it.

How about you little pearls- what word would you use to describe your sex drive?


Mother Pearl,


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